Final Project Guidelines

  • Use what you have learned to create a project that explores programming as a creative medium.
  • Your project could be an interactive installation, game, experimental instrument, generative artwork etc.
  • Use whatever tools you like. Processing is the suggested one, but you are also allowed to use some other programming languages. I might just not be able to help you, if you decide to use something more exotic.
  • Remember “Poems, not demos”

Project Proposal

Send me a project proposal as a pdf file:

  • A simple description of what you want to do.
  • What tools are you going to use (Processing, special libraries, something else?)
  • Include 1-3 examples of works other people have made that are similar.
  • Length: 1 A4 (or can be more if you have drawings or sketches).
  • Return this before October 6th
  • Submit to MyCourses

Final Project Deliverables

Deadline Friday, 30/10/2020

This course is pass/fail, but the amount of credits is between 3-6 ECTS. And I will use that range to give a varying amount of credits based on the scope of your project and documentation.

Submit the following:

  • The code of your project as a .zip file
  • 1-2 page pdf that has the following:
    • Short description of your project (1-2 paragraphs)
    • Short description of what worked what didn’t, what is maybe still missing
    • At least one image, but feel free to add more
    • For extra credit and to make Matti really happy, also record a short video of your program running. Screen capture or recorded with a video camera. Include a link in your pdf.
    • Estimation of how many hours you have worked on this course. We have had 48 hours of lectures and other teaching hours. Roughly estimate how many hours total have you spent on this course.
    • Write down as a self-evaluation, how many credits do you think you would deserve from this course in the range of 3–6 ECTS. 1 ECTS is 27 hours (including time for reflection and processing the lectures.

Submit to our MyCourses page under Assignments –> Final Project