EFA:Final Project Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Some common topics that could be good starting points if you are still looking for something to do:
    • Tangible user interfaces
    • Wearable electronics
    • Custom music controllers
    • Synthesizers and sequencers
    • Kinetic sculptures
    • Simple robots
    • Interactive installations
  • If you are still a bit uncomfortable with working with electronics, start from simple and expand from there.
  • It is ok to combine this project with something you are doing for another course. Especially if it’s a course that I teach. If I’m not teaching the other one, check with the teacher of that course, if it is ok to combine the workload with this project.
  • If you feel lost, you can expand the projects we made during the course (the noise machine or the robot)
  • The course has a pass/fail grading.

Project Proposal

  • Please write a short text of what you are planning to do as your final project for the course.
  • Include as many details as you know at this point (What is it? What does it do? What parts/software you think you need?)
  • Try to also find 1-3 links to existing projects or artworks that are similar to what you are doing.
  • You can include drawings or sketches also.
  • Please send me 1 page pdf with the project proposal before Tuesday, November 12, 20:00 (I would prefer already on Monday, but I’m so late with giving these instructions that Tuesday is fine too). Send it to me via email or through MyCourses.

Final Project Presentation

  • Present your project on Friday, November 15th (presentations start 9:30 AM).
  • We only have a few days to work on this so a work-in-progress is ok too. Don’t be too worried if things are not working perfectly.
  • You can continue improving your project after this for the documentation of the work (see below).

Project Documentation

Another mandatory part of your project is documenting it. You have an additional two weeks for finishing the documentation.

  • Either make the documentation public or send it privately through MyCourses.
  • You can post the documentation to your own website or use a service like:
  • Minimum documentation consists of:
    • A short description of your project
    • One photo of the finished work
    • One video of the finished work
  • If you want to get one additional credit point (4 instead of 3), also submit the following.
  • Deadline for this is Friday, November 29th at 16:00